Scrum is a framework with simple rules. This Scrum Checklists will help you to remember these simple rules in the heat of daily work and stress. Scrum Checklists enable you to create an enjoyable and productive work environment with your Scrum Team.

Author: Boris Gloger

For the last eleven years VersionOne has released its State of Agile Survey report, which identifies the latest Agile trends and insights. In this link you will find the complete collection of State of Agile reports including the latest one (11th) from 2016.

The creators of Scrum offer this scrum guide that covers all aspects of Scrum including roles, events, artifacts and rules. The guide is available in different formats and it has been translated to over 30 different languages.

Authors: Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber.

GitHub-Flow, the simplified git source control workflow used in GitHub, is described in detail in this article. This simplified workflow is an alternative to Git-Flow and it targets applications that are deployed constantly.

Author: Scott Chacon

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