Retromat is a great free resource that generate a complete retrospective agenda. Out of a pool of many activities it selects one for each of the five phases of the retrospective: Setting the stage, gather data, generate insights, decide what to do and close the retrospective.

Created by: Corinna Baldauf and Timon Fiddike

The intention of the dialogue sheets is to promote good conversation and can be used for a variety of discussion based activities such as sprint retrospectives. Read more about dialog sheets in this article by Allan Kelly Associates were you will also find a variety of templates for different activities.

In this article, the differences between organizing a software development around project vs around products is discussed in detail. “Product-mode” provides greater responsiveness and a higher benefits realization ratio, “product-mode” is a more effective way of working than projects according to the author.

Author: Sriram Narayan

In this article, the authors describe a typical progression in team’s understanding of Agile and the benefits their organization receives. The progression is classified into four stages of fluency. Each stage is characterized by unique benefits and distinct challenges to adoption.

Authors: Diana Larsen, James Shore

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