Cocos2d-x : Space Monkey Game


This is Space Monkey, a simple game I made with the Cocos2d-x game framework. The game runs on iOS and Mac OSX. It should not take much effort to make this game run on Windows and on Android devices.

The game is about a space monkey stranded in space after his spaceship is destroyed by an asteroid while traveling from Mars to Jupiter to deliver a cargo of Bananas!. The monkey can probably survive eating the few bananas from his cargo that are now floating in space. However, because he is in the middle of the asteroid belt, the monkey also needs to avoid getting hit by an asteroid. How long can the monkey survive?

I have started writing all the steps I took to develop this game in tutorial form. If you would like to learn how I made this game, read the following posts as they contain all the information you need.

The tutorial assumes that you have installed and setup cocos2d-x in your computer. In my previous blog posts you can find information about how to setup this game framework on Linux and Windows & Mac.


Step 1: Project setup and cleanup
Step 2: Prepare the scene and add a background
Step 3: Add the Space Monkey and move it around the scene

Coming soon:

Step 4: Collision detection: Make the monkey capture bananas

Step 5: Add asteroids

Step 6: Sound effects and background music

Step 7: HUD and game over


Game art from

Game Art Guppy is a site created by Vicki Wenderlich that provides free and inexpensive art for game development. In this game, I used the following backgrounds, characters and objects:

Background:  Space Background – Repeatable – Parallax

Character: Space Monkey

Bananas and Asteroids: Space Objects


Music and Sound Effects by  jtapia @Code-Build-Run using Garage Band and Audacity.

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